Fleurs d'Oranger Scented Candle (Orange Blossoms, 40 hrs)
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Fleurs d'Oranger Scented Candle (Orange Blossoms, 40 hrs)

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FLEURS D'ORANGER (Scent nr 4) is the charming scent of blooming orange blossoms. Distillated orange flower water is traditionally used in Provence for everything from baking to perfuming bodies and homes. A long time ago, brides used to wear a crown of orange blossoms on the day of their wedding.

Hand-poured in Provence into our apothecary amber glass jar. Thanks to the lid, you can keep the scent of your candle longer.

Ingredients: 100% natural soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance based on essential oils, cotton wick.  

Soy-wax gives a much cleaner burn than regular paraffin wax candles as it is non-toxic, a renewable source, natural and burns longer. 

Size: 140 gr. Burn time: ca. 35/40 hours.

Hand-poured in Provence, France.


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